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Security of Bitcoin funds

We protect at least 95% of customer funds in an offline wallet managed with
a specially designed process.

Multi-Signature Wallets
FIPS-Level 2 Devices
Geographically Distributed Backups
Stringent Spending Process

Two factor authentication by default

All accounts have SMS verification enabled by default to increase security. We do not ask for any fees for the two factor authentication SMS messages you receive.

You can also use Google Authenticator to login to your account. Google Authenticator is a safer and faster method. To enable authenticator go to Account -> Two Factor Authentication page.

Security Images

You are displayed a security image on every login to protect you from phishing attacks and to help you check that you are on the correct website. If you ever feel that the security image is not the same please check your browser's address bar verify that you are at the correct website.

Detailed usage logs

We collect and log the IP address, operating system, browser and other details for every operation related to your account. These records are safely monitored to make sure that it is you who is using your account and to notify you if there is something suspicious.

Application security

Our systems are protected with cutting edge technologies and security practices and are subject to frequent audits by independent security firms.